You will be surprised at welding job salary information

You will be surprised at welding job salary information

No way! It can’t be… that’s what you would say if when you hear of the salaries that people in the welding profession get. Many do not believe that this profession has got good returns. The reason behind this is because most welders have not taken their careers to the professional standards. This is one of the most rewarding careers you will never regret to pursue.

If you like the idea of travelling and working outdoors, then you are the right person to pursue a course in welding. It is a career that will get you moving up around the world as you gain new skills and explore new environments.

Not only is the career an option for those who love working outdoors but there are options that can only be handled indoors.You will be surprised at welding job salary information (6)

This is inarguably one of the most diverse career opportunities we have in the world. It is a job that you can do while moving around the world or one that you can handle in a garage next to your home. You can also opt to teach welding, do scientific research on welding or be involved in the sales of the same.

Welding wages and how much welding pay

The starting pay in this field is pretty basic especially if you are right from high school. However, gaining more experience comes with better potential of earning two, thrice… the starting salary. Furthermore, making $100,000 and even more is not ruled out of the equation. However, for you to get here, you absolutely have to be the best among the best and are willing to move around the world, working far away from home.

You will be surprised at welding job salary information (7)Why is the welding profession such wide an open gig? The answer is in what we see and what we use on a daily basis. Welding is essentially part of almost everything we see and those that we touch on a daily basis. That car you own or the one you drive in, the bridge that you drive over together with that mall or office you are driving too are all the results of welding. It is therefore clear that there is a wide scope of areas where welders can come in. The choice is always yours. It’s worth mentioning that your choice will determine what you will earn later on.

Welding is an interesting career to be pursued. It is of great interest that we mention that though someone may have interest on a certain career, it may be difficult for them to pursue it if it doesn’t come with better returns. So, how much does welding pay? The pay all depends with where you do your welding, the kind of welding done and the skills & experience you have acquired over time.

Beginners welder salary

Just out of your high school, the basic pay is pretty low since you only have some very basic welding skills. We are talking of maybe $10 to $14 per hour. Though low, this is more than what most other professions would pay someone with equally such basic skills.

Professional welder salary

You will be surprised at welding job salary information (4)One of the best paying welding jobs is the underwater welding. This however depends with where you do your work. For instance, according to Garber a specialist at the Commercial Diving Academy divers who do “inland” underwater welder work on power plants and bridges will most likely pocket between $40,000 and $50,000 in a year. Some of them even go with up to $70,000 a year if they are lucky to get lots of overtime tasks.

You will be surprised at welding job salary information (1)“Offshore” underwater welders working on the oil rig will go home with about $60,000 every year. After working for some years and gaining much experience, the amount earned may grow up to $100,000 or even more. However, this work isn’t for everyone as it is really involving. You will work on an oil rig for 12 hours on and 12 hours off every day for a total of six weeks after which you get back to dry land just for a week before going back to the oil rig.

For you to earn more in welding, you need to master different welding methods. It is not like other careers which require you to specialize in only one method for you to get more. The trick is if you master more, then you will absolutely earn more. With experience, you will expand your scope from just employment to opening your own workshop and company among other welding activities that will improve your scope of earning.

With science and math skills, it’s worth going to college where you can become an engineer in welding. Welding engineers are almost guaranteed at least $50,000 per year as their starting pay with much more thousands of dollars coming thereafter.

So the question once again is, where can welding take me? The answer is it all depends on where you want to reach. It all depends on you.