The Best Underwater Welding Schools and Courses

The Best Underwater Welding Schools and Courses

Underwater welding is an energizing profession opportunity which consolidates the best of welding with the thrill of diving. For some individuals this profession is more engaging than standard welding – mostly due to the feeling of experience, yet halfway in light of the fact that the pay is typically higher. Turning into a qualified underwater welder takes a lot of time and commitment, so guaranteeing that you increase all the important, proficient capabilities is crucial for both your security and people around you. Accordingly, it’s imperative to locate the most ideal underwater welding school to help you on your trip.

Here are 25 of the best from around the globe.

  1. CDA Technical Institute

    Jacksonville, Florida
    Tel: 904-766-7736
    Without uncertainty, the Commercial Diving Academy must be one of the best diving schools in America – if not the whole world. This isn’t the course to begin it requires a lot of diligent work, responsibility and commitment. The days are long at ten hours each and you’ll do physical training each day to ensure you’re sufficiently fit to dive – and that is on top of all the hypothesis and viable abilities that you’ll learn.

  2. Divers Academy International

    [wpsm_googlemap title=”” location=”1500 Liberty Pl, Erial, NJ 08081″ zoom=”10″ height=”250px”]
    Erial, New Jersey
    Tel: 1-800-238-3483
    The underwater diving and welding preparing which you can attempt at the Divers Academy International will give you both hypothetical and down to earth involvement in working in an underwater environ. This school is really supported by Lincoln Electric so you’ll be utilizing their hardware while you study. With the insurance of having top of the range, great quality hardware available to you, this course gives you an ideal beginning on your underwater welding training venture.

  3. Divers Institute of Technology

    Seattle, Washington
    Tel: 206-783-5542
    The Divers Institute of Technology offers a seven-month long commercial divers course; month four spotlights on underwater welding. You don’t need to have welding background because you will begin by learning the systems of topside welding. In few days you’ll transfer your abilities underwater, into an extensive indoor tank so that your coaches can screen your advancement closely.

  4. Holland College, Georgetown Centre

    Prince Edward Island, Canada
    Tel: 902-652-2055
    For a genuinely intense plunging and underwater welding course, this is an incredible decision. If you examine through this Canadian school, you’ll be full-time students for the space of a year. Amid this time, no less than 60 hours will be sent on underwater welding, including both classroom time learning in the hypothesis, and practical time putting your new abilities under a magnifying glass.

  5. Hydroweld USA

    [wpsm_googlemap title=”” location=”2994 N Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33127″ zoom=”10″ height=”250px”]
    Weston, Florida
    Tel: 954-385-5678
    On the off chance that you study through Hydroweld USA’s in Florida, you don’t even need to overcome the elements. That due to the fact that they’re home to a gigantic indoor tank, which will give you the full underwater welding background, without venturing far and wide into lakes or oceans. provided that you’re as of now a qualified jumper, this course comes in at under $5,000 and it endures only ten days, so it won’t take much time or cash to get you well on your approach to turning into an expert underwater welder!

  6. Hydroweld UK

    Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands, and UK
    Tel: +44 121 378 1230
    Hydroweld depicts themselves as ‘the underwater welding specialists’, so you essentially know you’ve gone to the opportune spot. They may have an office in the UK, yet their training is as of now occurring in Thailand. The charges that you’ll pay will cover all you’re training and materials, however you will need to pay for travel, settlement and nourishment cost yourself.

  7. International Diving Institute

    N. Charleston, South Carolina
    Tel: 843-740-1124
    In case you’re now a qualified diver, then you can select on a Lloyd’s Register underwater welder course, which compasses only ten days. You don’t even need to have any earlier topside welding background before you begin, in spite of the fact that it would be a clear point of preference. Given that you are now a qualified diver– and that you have all the proper equipment– you’ll wind up paying not exactly $5,000 in educational cost expenses, making it a truly reasonable alternative.

  8. National University Polytechnic Institute

    [wpsm_googlemap title=”” location=”3570 Aero Ct, San Diego, CA 92123″ zoom=”10″ height=”250px”]
    San Diego, California
    Tel: 800-432-3483
    As an underwater welding student, you have two options from the National University Polytechnic Institute. If you’re already qualified in commercial diving then you can go straight into their underwater welding course, which teaches all the techniques associated with wet welding. However, underwater welding is actually a module that everyone covers as part of the commercial divers program.

  9. Seneca College

    Ontario, Canada
    Tel: 416-491-5050 ext. 5022
    In this escalated course situated in Canada, you can concentrate full time for a time of 35 weeks. This is in no way, shape or form a quick or simple alternative; however the standard of the preparation you’ll get is excellent. And in addition underwater welding and cutting, the course covers modules, for example, oil rig investigation and repair.

  10. Santa Barbara City College

    Santa Barbara, California
    Tel: 800-965-0581 FREE ext. 2429/2427
    In only two semesters at Santa Barbara City College, you can finish a Marine Technology course. It covers everything from a prolog to marine welding up to cutting edge underwater welding, and a great deal more. You’ll need to give the majority of your own diving hardware, however as it’s a junior college the educational cost charges are much less expensive than at numerous different foundations, making this a reasonable alternative for some students.

  11. The Ocean Corporation

    Houston, Texas


    Tel: 800-321-0298
    The name of this course says it all, truly: Ultimate Diver Training. The Ocean Corporation doesn’t simply show you how to end up a business diver– rather; they instruct an extensive variety of abilities that mean you can turn your hand to various diverse profession ways. And additionally surface and underwater welding, you’ll spread thorough preparing in apparatus, submerged nondestructive testing, and a great deal more.

  12. South Central Louisiana Technical College

    [wpsm_googlemap title=”” location=”900 Youngs Rd, Morgan City, LA 70380″ zoom=”10″ height=”250px”]
    Morgan City, Louisiana
    Typically, business plunging capabilities just show you how to dive securely, without allowing you to practice or increase any significant involvement in the underwater welding industry. Nonetheless, at the South Central Louisiana Technical College, some portion of the educational modules covers both topside welding and underwater welding. This will give you a sum of 90 clock hours on these procedures alone, on top of the various materials that the course covers!

  13. DiveSafe International

    [wpsm_googlemap title=”” location=”1003A Island Hwy, Campbell River, BC V9W 8C7″ zoom=”10″ height=”250px”]
    Campbell River, British Colombia, and Canada
    Tel: 250-287-3837
    DiveSafe International is one of the best-known schools inside of the plunging business. They offer an extensive variety of business and recreation jumping courses, which, with extra preparing, can get you well on your approach to turning into an expert underwater welder. You’ll get the opportunity to learn in the dazzling setting of British Colombia, Canada, making preparing all the more pleasant!

  14. Interdive

    Devon, UK
    Tel: +44 1752 558080
    In the event that you finish the Underwater Welding course at Interdive, you’ll leave with a universally perceived capability that meets both the British Standard (BS) and the American Welding Society (AWS) benchmarks. The serious course goes on for three weeks, yet the drawback is that you’ll need to contact the middle straight forwardly to inquire about course accessibility and costs, neither of which is distributed on the site.

  15. Specialty Welds

    [wpsm_googlemap title=”” location=”1 Rawfolds Way, Cleckheaton BD19 5LJ” zoom=”10″ height=”250px”]
    West Yorkshire, UK
    Tel: +44 1274 879867
    You don’t need to have any past welding background to select on the Coded Underwater Welder Training course at Specialty Welds, on the grounds that both dry and wet welding strategies will be secured in the syllabus. It’s a full-time course enduring two weeks, implying that you’ll get a sum of 80 hours of preparing. The course keeps running at a few distinct areas around the globe, so either picks the one nearest to you, or the one that appears like the most energizing enterprise!

  16. Professional Diving Academy

    Professional Diving Academy
    Argyll, Scotland, UK


    Tel: +44 1369 701701
    Whatever your expertise level, the Professional Diving Academy will have a course to suit you. They begin by offering business diving taster days for beginners; right the route through to exceedingly specific expert capabilities. Underwater welding is secured in both the underwater Welding and Burning Fabricator’ and the Weldcraft – Pro Underwater Coded Welder courses, giving you the alternative to pick the course that most suits your craved career path.

  17. The Underwater Centre

    Fort William, Scotland, UK
    Tel: +44 1397 703768
    The Underwater Center is an authority in giving a scope of expert business plunging and ROV working capabilities. Their Subsea Construction course covers submerged welding, smoldering, throwing and fixing. You can either take this as a standalone course, or update it to either a ‘Premium Industry Package’ or ‘Development Career Package’, both of which join various capabilities to abandon you with an advantageous, prevalent arrangement of expert aptitudes.

  18. DiveWise

    [wpsm_googlemap title=”” location=”Triq Dragunara, San Ġiljan, Malta” zoom=”10″ height=”250px”]
    Antwerp, Belgium


    Tel: +32 488 40 87 01
    Situated in Belgium, DiveWise teaches divers in both dry and wet welding. To guarantee exclusive requirements in the first place, on the off chance that you as of now have dry welding knowledge then you’ll need to demonstrate it by performing a little down to earth test.

  19. Centro Europeo di Formazione Professionale

    Palermo, Italy
    Tel: +39 329 5899362
    Qualify to be a Level 2 IDSA Underwater Welder in Palermo, Italy. Twice per year they offer courses in both seaward and inshore diving, which is impeccable on the off chance that you’d want to do one over the other.

  20. Norwegian School of Commercial Diving

    Fagerstrand, Norway
    Tel: +47 66 96 58 00
    Lasting nine hours a day, six days a week for two weeks in succession, the Norwegian School of Commercial Diving puts on a really escalated submerged welding course. The course charges do incorporate convenience, however, so you’re getting great worth for your cash.

  21. Océanos Escuela de Buceo Profesional SL

    Océanos Escuela de Buceo Profesional SL
    Barcelona, Spain


    Tel: 933 56 37 46
    It won’t get away from your notification that you’ll need no less than a fundamental comprehension of Spanish before you begin at this school. In any case, on the off chance that you can see, then you will be taught everything that you have to think about underwater cutting and welding (in both viable and hypothetical terms) in an excellent aggregate of only 72 hours.

  22. XLT

    Bibra Lake, Western Australia, Australia
    Tel: +61 8 9434 3774
    XLT offer a few distinctive welding-related courses, including underwater welding. Enduring only a couple of weeks at most, this course will get all of you set and prepared to go quicker than most (which is awesome in case you’re in a rush), yet you’ll need to meet their base ability level necessities before you begin.

  23. Minnesota Commercial Diver Training Center

    Brainerd, Minnesota
    Tel: 800-216-5521
    You must be quick to pack yourself a spot at the MCDTC, on the grounds that classes just run three times each year, and every class is restricted to a greatest of 12 students. On the other hand, you’ll take in everything from the fundamental phrasing up to underwater welding systems and applications, which covers all that you have to know!

  24. Canadian Working Divers Institute

    [wpsm_googlemap title=”” location=”Borden Lake, Buckhorn, ON K0L 1J0, Canada” zoom=”10″ height=”250px”]
    Ontario, Canada
    Tel: 705-657-2766
    Set in the shocking Canadian farmland, with Canadian Working Divers Institute offers an exceptional course which compasses 12 weeks. Five understudies are designated per guide, implying that you can get truly customized, pertinent exhortation that is custom-made to you.

  25. PDS Commercial Dive Center

    Delta State, Nigeria
    Tel: +234 802 309 1806
    As underwater welding is an extremely concentrated occupation, you should have qualified as a business diver before you’re qualified for this course. Once you begin you’ll be amazed by how extensive the course really is. Enduring 24 weeks, this isn’t a short course, yet the plunge school has considered everything, notwithstanding offering an assortment of lodging suggestions and feast gets ready for your utilization while you’re a student.