TGR Panoramic 180 View Solar Powered Auto Darkening Welding Helmet True Color (CARBON FIBER) Review

Feature of TGR Panoramic 180 View Solar Powered Auto Darkening Welding Helmet – True Color

If you’re looking to upgrade your welding helmet or you’re looking to get your first welding helmet look no further than the innovative panoramic welding helmet, not only we have the normal darkening lens in the front this helmet now has two side windows which also darken, so if you get into an area where you can’t quite turn the whole helmet such as a tight area under the car as long as you can look out of the corner of your eye you’ll still be protected.

And also it’s going to have true color view so instead of seeing that green hue that you’re used to seeing in welding helmets this is going to give you a more lifelike view of the actual metal that you’re welding with.

TGR Panoramic 180 View Solar Powered Auto Darkening Welding Helmet - True Color (CARBON FIBER)
  • 4 Independent ARC sensors with adjustable sensitivity and delay controls
  • Lens auto-darkens in 1/10,000th of a second, Optical class:
  • Grind: Protection against flying particles (EN175B)
  • Extra large viewing area and True Color Technology: Allows a color realistic perception
  • Certification: CE ANSI AS/NZS

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It’s got a lot of great features and easy-to-use control knobs on top let’s go ahead and take a look at what they actually control so this helmet is going to be able to darken between shade 4 and all the way up to shade 12 so if you’re doing plasma cutting turn it down it’ll still darken and keep it protected if you’re doing high amperage welding kick it up to 12 and again it’s gonna darken exactly where you want.

It’s also gonna have a sensitivity knob and it’s also going to have a delay knob so you can get to make sure it darkens when you need it to and stay dark for as long as you want it.

Another great feature of this helmet is it also has a grind mode when you’re done laying down all your welds and you want to go ahead and grind them but you don’t want to lose a protection of having the full face mask on you can go ahead and kick it into grind mode the unit won’t darken so you can see exactly what you’re doing.

Let’s go ahead and take a look inside this helmet inside here you’ll see the three large viewing areas you’ll see the two user replaceable batteries and the ergonomically designed head gear to make wearing this helmet very comfortable as you guys can tell the main viewing window this is much larger than a conventional helmet about the same size as our XL welding helmet with the addition of the two side panels and don’t forget it also has the true color technology so you’re gonna see the metal in a way you’ve never seen it before and not that green hue you’re used to.


If you guys are looking to upgrade your welding helmet or if you’re looking to just get into the game you seriously consider looking at our panoramic welding helmet it’s got a lot of great features but before we get too far into this I want to let you guys know we want to make this interactive as possible

I had a chance to use it some last last week and besides the field of vision the people are really gonna like the clarity because it’s really sharp and we were able to shoot some videos really show it but um yeah so make sure if you guys have any questions youtube or facebook you ask them so that way randy can take care of you can also shoot them over to me we can answer them live here during the shoot so let’s go ahead and talk about some of these features.

I mean the biggest thing obviously is the fact that it’s the new panoramic helmet so we just have it up against our large view here to kind of give you an idea what you’re dealing with as you can see this front main window you’re looking through is already itself much larger¬†but you’re also going to get a viewing window on each side of this this helmet so if you’re sitting there in an odd position where you just can’t quite turn your head cause you’re stuck underneath a car or something like that you can actually look out the side of these.

They’re always gonna be darkening to an eleven no matter what you have the helmet set at but it’s still a great feature so I mean this particular helmet is solar rechargeable it but it does also have to user battery serviceable batteries.

I was going to flip it around so the battery’s gonna last for a long time and then the main screen here in the center you can actually adjust anywhere from a shade for all the way up to a shade twelve so you can utilize this for more than just welding you can also use it for plasma cutting you could use it for grinding because it also has a grind mode like our very popular extra large viewing welding helmet.

Here all the controls are actually on the top of this helmet making it very easy to get to even with gloves on once you got to figure out where everything is you’ll be able to adjust it without ever having to take it off like some helmets.

This is a huge feature between you have weld mode you have grind mode so if you just finished up what you were doing with this helmet and you want to leave it on to protect yourself and go right into grind mode just flip the switch the helmet will no longer darken allowing you to see what you’re doing while you’re grinding and like I said it’s we actually have some footage of this helmet in use

This is good for MIG welding, TIG welding and plasma cutting and then like i said you can even use it for grinding all at the same helmet all without taking it off you can go ahead and do all of that from the top right here.

We have a delay knob so you can you know easily adjust how long it stays dark for and certainly there are times you want to just a little bit longer same with sensitivity if you’re in an area where it seems to be kicking off a little too earlier because of the lights around you can turn the sensitivity down and you can still weld and then how we do the shade we actually have one knob for the shade for four to twelve and then we have the ability to change which graph it’s on

If you will or which which settings it’s on so you can easily find tune it for four to eight or eight to twelve just making it really versatile you know you can use it all a little bit of everything and now we’ll do is we’ll flip over to see if we get a good view inside this helmet you know first off this viewing window the center is huge and then you can with the addition of those two side ones you just you have so much more peripheral vision just makes it so that we have you’re better aware of your surroundings when you’re wearing it, it does make it very comfortable and like I said I don’t know if you can see it the the top headgear will probably be in the way a little bit.

there are two batteries in here very easy to get to, very easy replace very common type batteries and one of the biggest neatest parts about this is the clarity of this helmet and I know we have a picture of it this has the new true color lens so when you’re looking through it with all your old welding helmets you always had that traditional green hue couldn’t really tell you’re looking at other than you could tell you’re welding

But there was no to it so with this particular welding helmet you can actually see color and I got a chance to use it when it first came in and it blew me away my entire life I’ve been welding with those green ones and it’s it’s weird almost and the first time you use it but it’s a great weird because the fact you can actually see you know all the colors you can see what you’re doing just get a much much better feel you know for where you’re at so.

At this point we’ve really run through a lot of the features you know let’s see if we can show upward of Randy to see where he’s at um yeah a couple of cool asks about the price come compared to some other units generally is probably gonna be about half to one-third the price yes early there’s some competitors out there who have you know similar larger view you know they have side windows but they’re not darkening side windows and yes they are probably at least twice the price of this.

How long do the lenses last the lens cover right here based on usage right yeah it’s definitely uses we do have the the the outer ones here to be able to change the mounts as they are huge that it’s one that covers everything very very easy to change they’re just little side pins out here that slide out the side if you’re using for TIG welding versus grinding.

The TIG is gonna last a whole lot longer nothing really kicks up so that’s hard to say easiest thing I’d say if you know you’re gonna be using it for a little bit of everything just pick up one or two of these spare when you first get it that way you have them in your box and you can kind of get a feel for how often you’re gonna use it so that way you can get a good idea of you know one your reorder rate will be but certainly we have them so keep it nice and clean so you have a good view of what you’re doing that’s Randy sorry I look at and okay I guess to clarify when I said three of us lifted to scroll compressor into the back of the truck I was one of those people so if I’m not there you might need formal yeah that sounds about right just I just want anybody yeah yeah and just to clarify and those particular units the scroll compressors are shipping there should be truck shipping so there’d be a lift gate on there anyway so it’d be a set it down but and they have their nice own caster so you can push it around once you’re down and off the crate but certainly check those out as the pre-sale like Randy said and also check this out if you’re looking to get into welding either getting your first welding helmet or you’re also looking to upgrade yours seriously consider this because right now as me its innovative nobody else out there has something like it so you can just have so much viewing window but it’ll still darken when you actually go to weld so you’re protected and and the the guy asks about the lenses to get replaced we actually does it come with an the outside one right it should come with an extra outside and that’s the main one that’s gonna get damaged is the outside it’s bad or anything else or dropping it on the ground yeah and we give you a spare one of those exactly at least you’re already set there but it’s always a good idea to have at least you know a couple a couple sitting around because when you’re grinding and stuff you’ll chew it up more quickly and

One last thing I forgot to mention is this unit has four sensors so really no matter which way you’re looking at least you know one or two and we’re gonna be I’ll pick up the welding arc so it’s going to darken for you but it’s good for your TIG welding even your low amperage.

TGR Panoramic 180 View Solar Powered Auto Darkening Welding Helmet True Color (CARBON FIBER) Review

Feature of TGR Panoramic 180 View Solar Powered Auto Darkening Welding Helmet - True ColorIf you're looking to upgrade your welding helmet or you're lookin

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