Rhino RH01 Large View Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Review

Rhino RH01 Large View Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Review

Rhino Large View (4

Welding is a hazardous task that should be done with complete care or else you will get injured or bruised. To avoid accidents it is indispensable to wear a welding helmet. The Rhino large view auto darkening welding helmet is engineered in a way that it provides maximum safety with outstanding features.

Features of Carbon Fiber RH01 Welding helmet

  • Viewing Area

As it name says, it is known for its larger view with the area of about 10 square inches that is 4″ X 2.6″, which signifies that you will get a clearer look at the piece you are welding. It also saves your time as the more you see, the better you work. This welding helmet is one of those welding helmets that have large view almost as twice as bigger than the others.

  • Working Modes

The best feature that also used to name it is an auto darkening mode with grind, this mode allow you to set the auto darkening feature according to your desire. You can darken the lens while doing a heavy welding and it can also easily shift to the lighter mode for not-so-heavy work by using external knobs. The dark shade of rhino welding helmet can vary from shade 9 to 13, while light shade and grind mode is 4. All you need to do is to realize the amount of work before setting it. It offers 1/25,000 second reaction time.

Rhino Large View 4
The external knob is convenient for easy adjustment
  • Functions

It has many good functions that compel you to buy it.

  1. It offers comfortable headgears with an aerodynamic design that permits in and out movement.
  2. The Rhino welding helmet has a battery indicator that gives signals at low battery.
  3. It also comes with two replaceable 2025 coin type batteries, equipped with front solar panel and two independent arc sensors.
  4. Carbon Fiber RH01 welding helmet has an adjustable delay between 0.15 – 0.80 seconds.
  5. It also has other functions with different powers like 800 amperes of plasma arc cutting and welding, shielded metal arc welding is about 550 amperes with electrodes of approx 2.4mm to 6.4mm, 500 amperes of TIG, MIG and air carbons.
  6. Interior and Exterior Lens Covers also comes with Rhino welding helmet replacement part with extra covers in 6, 18 and 24 packs.
  • Warranty

The best part about this welding helmet is that it comes with a warranty of two years, not best on the market, which means that company will cover the damage within the limit of warranty period.

  • Safety

Nylon shell provides you maximum safety and the biggest reason behind the purchase of welding helmet is to get protected from ultraviolet and infrared rays as it has the capacity to damage the eyes as well as affect your working speed. To use the welding helmet safely one should learn basic techniques to use it in a proper manner to avoid accidents. It also complies with rules of CE / ANSI Z87.1 / CSA / AS/ EN379 / ISO9001-2008/ NZS.

  • Weight

The Rhino Welding shield has a weight of about 1.8 pounds with the dimensions of 13.2 x 9.2 x 7.8 inches.

Pros of Rhino Auto darkening welding helmet

  • Flexible and lightweight: Rhino Carbon RH01 Welding helmet is made up of nylon that makes it flexible and lightweight. You can easily wear it even for a whole day without feeling tired and uncomfortable.
  • Support many welding works: this will include grinding, torch welding, cutting or arc mig/tig welding.
    Rhino RHO1 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet
    External knob help you change the mode easily while welding without take off the mask
  • Not Expensive: All great features in a completely affordable rate, isn’t it great? The combination of its price and features makes it popular among the masses.
  • Durable: The Carbon RH01 welding helmet is perdurable and many people have mentioned it. If you are in a search of a durable welding helmet with an affordable rate, then do try it, you will not be displeased with its performance.
  • Large room: For some users may need a respirator or bifocals lens, this helmet inside can provide enough place for both.
  • Easy to use: It allows the consumers to use it easily as it has comfortable knobs that permit you to adjust the setting according to your need as well as its functions and modes are simple to understand even for a beginner. You can set it up in a few minutes and ready to work !

Cons of Rhino Auto darkening welding helmet

• Some people complain that it getting flashed, be sure to check the sensitivity carefully before welding.
• Few customers received scratched or damaged product, the best solution is contacting the support as soon as you can.
• Not suitable for overhead laser cutting and welding applications since this helmet is made of nylon shell not carbon fiber which maybe damaged by splatter or molten metal.
• Headgear's knob may get loosens easily when put on, required tightening up or you can add a rubber o ring to the knob.


Some people experience a few bad things while other praises its performance. Customers called it a great, durable, affordable and awesome welding helmet. A little knowledge about the use of welding helmet is one the required things that increase the life of your helmet. This The Rhino large view welding helmet  is a great item to purchase, it is also budget-friendly. I mean everyone can easily afford it but best for hobby welders.

So that all about rhino welding helmet, if you want to know about which brands are the best welding helmet, please go back to home page and check more.