Pro- Series MMIG125 Fluxcore Welder Kit 125 Ampere review

Pro- Series MMIG125 Fluxcore Welder Kit 125 Ampere review

Pro-Series MMIG125 125 Amp Fluxcore Welder Kit, Black

Are you seeking for a perfect Welder Kit? Okay, you are at the right place now. Read the following Pro- Series MMIG125 Fluxcore Welder Kit review carefully and I think you will be able to select the best one.

The Pro Series 125 Ampere Fluxcore Welder Kit can enter into any tiny or tough to attain space, with much less splatter. This Welding Kit welds carbon metal, aluminum, magnesium, stainless steel, copper, silicon bronze, dime along with other alloys. Duty cycle 20-percent at 80 amps indicates this Fluxcore Welder will weld constantly for just two minutes when cranked around the maximum amperage prior to having to cool down.

This Welder Kit also welds moderate steel around 18-gauge to 3/16 inches in one pass. It is easy to get started since practically everything you will have to weld which is in the box. This particular box includes ground cable with clamp, welding gun, spool of flux cored wire, face shield and brush hammer.

Features of Pro-Series MMIG125 Fluxcore Welder Kit 125 AmperePro- Series MMIG125 Fluxcore Welder Kit 125 Ampere review 1

  • Excellent Machine

    The Pro- Series MMIG125 Fluxcore Welder Kit is really an excellent machine. It welds 1/4 steel without problem, ideal for exhaust work plus somebody work where in fact the spatter isn’t a problem. It welds as effective as the Lincoln and Miller.

  • Quite Flexible

    This is an ideal welder for used in light to mid-sized jobs in the plantation or the home. It is completely flexible because it can enter any little or difficult to gain access to space. It is conducive to utilize with an array of alloys and metals. Lightweight, aerospace-grade aluminum case gives protection with the advantage of reduced weight.

  • Sleek Design

    This welding machine comes with a sleek design. You will be satisfied purchasing this welding kit. The Fluxcore Welder design can acquire into any little or tough to reach space, with fewer splatter. Weld carbon steel, aluminum, magnesium, stainless steel, copper and nickel, silicon bronze plus other alloys.

  • Absolutely Durable

    The equipment is built with a commercial cast aluminum system rendering it appropriate for home and small projects. This welder shall last a lifetime; the entire things are created durable like things were twenty years ago just. Great welder for really light duty welding projects, plus a very sensibly priced unit as well! As far as reliability and durability, time will say!

  • Fast and Efficient

    This equipment may be used by you with or even without gas, rendering it really flexible. This welder up will not heat; therefore it may be used continuously without interruptions rendering it very efficient plus fast. These provide a selection of choices on the alloys to weld and also on the dimension plus thickness of the cables. They might be for outdoor or indoor use depending on your needs.

Benefits of Pro-Series MMIG125 Fluxcore Welder Kit 125 AmperePro- Series MMIG125 Fluxcore Welder Kit 125 Ampere review 2

  • Easy to Setup
    For a novice welder, the device is very simple to setup and use. A setup consumer guide is offered inside. A sample spool core cable plus three replacement suggestions are availed by the product manufacturer. If your hobby is welding, this is actually the best selection for you personally.
  • Versatile and Top Quality
    This welding machine is incredibly perfect and versatile for the welder that really wants to work on auto body, household maintenance, or heavier farm projects that want extra welding power even. This welder is quite versatile plus efficient due to its higher velocity and the top quality of welds that will derive from its make use of.
  • Easily Portable
    If you operate within several locations, the particular flux primary welder is the one for you personally. With its weight in 40 lbs., it really is transported to a desired location easily. This welder works from the standard 120v outlet, therefore, will be sustainable for making use of with the mid-sized jobs that would otherwise need a lot of power.
  • Affordable Price
    This is actually the popular and new promo for MIG Welding Gear product offered here. You may get best cost for Pro- Series MMIG125 125 Ampere Fluxcore Welder Package, Black with excellent discount.
  • Convenient plus Easy to Use
    This flux core welder is very much convenient and simple to use because it includes almost all necessary accessories required such as spool flux core wire, face brush and shield. This transportable welder makes it simple to transport so that you can weld wherever plus once you need. So it is absolutely convenient for you.
  • Best for the Beginners
    The Pro Series 125 Ampere Fluxcore Welder Kit is absolutely perfect for the beginners who want to work in the house for light duty jobs and also in the small projects. It is completely easy to get started for the beginners because with the help of this welder kit, they can do small to medium sized welding jobs around the home, farm or garage.

Pros of Pro-Series MMIG125 Fluxcore Welder Kit 125 Ampere

  • Weld constantly for just two minutes whenever cranked around the most amperage before having to cool down.
  • 2 voltage settings as well as maximum metal thickness are 18 gauge / 3/16-Inch. It maneuvers from standard 120v outlet.
  • Weld all sorts of carbon metals, aluminum, magnesium, stainless steel, nickel, silicon bronze, copper plus other alloys.
  • For small in order to mid-sized welding work round the home, garage area, or farm.
  • Includes ground wire along with clamp, spool of flux cored wire, welding gun, encounter shield and clean brush.
  • 2 volts settings for much better heat control. The thermal overload protection ampere is 80 (max 125), duty cycle 20% at 80 amperes and wire size is 030 – .035.

Cons of Pro-Series MMIG125 Fluxcore Welder Kit 125 Ampere

  • Welding on¬†aluminum requires more skills.
  • This mig welder should not be used on building structure like gates, stairs or fances.
  • Made in China may make you be less interested in this product but give it a try you won’t be¬†disappointed.


In conclusion I can articulate that Pro- Series MMIG125 Fluxcore Welder Kit certainly delivers for the purchase price you pay. If you are an experienced welder, you’ll rapidly identify what it really is effective at and also have no issues. 1/4 inch plate and square tubing can be carried out in the event that you work it at the proper speed easily. Since you only have higher and low temperature settings, to be able to the flexibleness of more costly welders which have four settings or even better are fully variable.