Optrel E680 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Review

Optrel E680 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Review

Need perfect auto darkening welding helmet for nearly any welding application then buy Optrel E680 auto-darkening welding helmet. Optrel e680 designed made exclusively for expert welders with variable job requirements. Optrel features a superior HD lens gives the welder a crispier view possible. Its autopilot feature, shade range and excellent performance make Optrel e680 a perfect match for welder.

Features of Optrel E680 auto-darkening welding helmet

Optrel e680 auto darkening welding helmet offers host of features and provide excellent performance.

  • Autopilot Shade Control.

No more manual adjustments are required. Optrel E680 exclusive autopilot features automatically recognizes the amperage settings and adjusts the lens shade accordingly, so that you don’t have to manually adjust the hood. It is the best feature which expensive brands lack.

Because of the sophisticated sensors system on the helmet so the automatic setting was done so you can fully concentrated on the welding process

  • HD Quality Lens

Optrel E680 is one of its kind hood in market which offers HD quality lens for best true color view. First Class angular reliance lets welders to view the clearest, crispest view possible, enabling welder to focus and weld with more accuracy.

Comparison between non Optrel product and Optrel product through the lens filter

  • Twilight Technology

This unique Twilight Technology feature will reduce eye fatigue and help work longer and safer. After a welder completes weld the hood refurbishes light naturally offering a good transition to eyes.

  • Grinding modeoptrel welding helmet (3)

Optrel E680 offers grind mode shade 4. This features allows welder to grind in the light state, while preventing the lens from darkening due to flashes during grinding application.

With the grinding mode on, you can easily change the application without changeing the helmet

  • Detection angle (60° or 120°)

Optrel e680 offers excellent feature of detection angle which prevent hood from responding to the arc of nearby welder. Optrel E680 special sensor slide allows to adjust the angle from 120° to 60° to prevent the hood from darkening due to welding nearby.

  • Read Red Recognitionoptrel welding helmet (2)

Optrel E680 advance color recognition technology features improve visibility of “Red Led” on welding target or welding machine without removing the helmet.

  • Overhead weldingoptrel welding helmet (5)

Overhead welding is one of the most demanding positions in welding and one of the fastest growing up occasions surprisingly many welding helmet manufacturers have not stepped up to the challenge of designing a helmet that meets the demands of this application. Helmet shells that like the aerodynamic design that keeps spatter and metal from sitting on the shell are designed to fail hard metal and spatter that since on the flat face designed helmet allow for this material to stand on the helmet shell and consequently causing damage to the shell, the cover plate and potentially the EDS field.

Please note: that most welding helmet manufacturers will not warranty ATF filters that are damaged due to welding spatter.

Optrel Pro Series are 100% guaranteed supporting overhead welding

The Optrel helmet expert lines have helmets are designed not to fail, the aerodynamic design of Optrel helmet shell combined with the patented spherical cover lens keeps weld spatters and other damaging material from immediately causing damage to the shell and the ATF filter.

The circular contouring shape with ergonomic design of the Optrel E680 helmet, made of heat-resistant materialand covered with heat-reflective paint makes it one of the only welding helmets approved for overhead welding.

  • Infinite shade changed level settingoptrel welding helmet (4)

Everyone’s vision is different and the perception of brightness varies depending on the individual. EDS with digital displays only allow for exact change level selection which does not allow the individual to match their level he/she comforts to their level of vision for example shade 10 may be slightly too dark for the welder and perhaps a shade level 9.75 is more in line with his vision. Digital displays and inferior knob style shade selection helmets do not allow for this individually to customize adjustment.

Optrel integrate their proven infinite shade level selection into their variable shade selection helmets allowing the welder to decide what shade level is right for him and not having the welding helmet decided for him

Optrel Infinitive shade level adjustment

Pros of Optrel E680 auto darkening welding helmet

  • Crystal clear natural view, slight color change.
  • Optrel e680 is cheaper than any comparable helmet but rich in features.
  • Lightweight feature helps welder to work longer without neck fatigue.
  • The user friendly external controls makes welding more like fun and make sure the welder 100% protected in the environment.
    optrel welding helmet (1)
    You can adjust the setting without remove the helmet and take off your gloves
  • Longer battery life of around 2500 hrs.
  • Shade level 2 ranges: 4/5-9 and 4/9-13 makes all type of welding possible but laser welding
  • Automatic on/off.
  • Solar-powered and batteries.
  • Can be worn with a hard hat and adn retrofitted with Optrel respirator.

Cons of Optrel E680 auto darkening welding helmet

  • Although the viewing area is smaller, the field of vision is wider.
  • Slower reaction time. This is the problem when you do small welding operation.
  • No electromagnetic disturbance trigger. (No X-mode equivalent)
  • Sealed battery cannot recharge but battery usually last longer.
  • Some users get flashed though, this is common thing between auto darkening welding helmet, you can adjust the sensitivity to avoid this trouble.


The Optrel E680 offers state of the art technology feature like HD lens, Shade level for nearly all welding applications, comfortable outside control, tweak light option, grind mode, detection angle, sensitivity control, light weight and excellent durable design makes it a worthwhile investment for welders.

For the past 25 years Optrel has designed and manufactured welding helmets that meet the demand of the professional welder well some helmets focus on price we focus on providing a product that protects you and your investment in high and welding protection for the demanding task of overhead welding Optrel is the brand that you can trust our entire lineup E-series helmets provides unsurpassed performance that put them in a class about our own for meeting the demands of overhead welding.

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