Millermatic 140 Auto-Set (Machine) Review

Millermatic 140 Auto-Set (Machine) Review

As wire welders go, a good one is hard to find one that will keep from giving problems and help resolve technical situations. A good one will certainly be expensive, which is why the low-cost Millermatic 140 is taking welders by surprise. Not only is it effective and relatively cheap, it is actually becoming a go-to welding source instead of being an intermediary tool until the welder buys something better. All wire-welding options seem to be adequately covered with the Millermatic 140. Let us learn more...

Features of Millermatic 140 Auto-Set (Machine)

  • Output range: 30-140 amps.
  • Wire size: mild 0.024 – 0.030 inches ; flux 0.030 – 0.035 inches.
  • Speedy and convenient setup thanks to the Auto-Set feature.
  • Input voltage: 115V.
  • Trigger reset and tip saver functions available.
  • The start is spatter-free.
  • Included: MIG gun, 10-foot regulator, and hose cart.
  • Wonderfully lightweight; only 60 pounds
  • CSA certification.
  • Included accessories: gauge with hose, gun and cable assembly, power source, wire spool, clamp and work cable, plug and power cord.

Best Features On the Millermatic 140 Auto-Set

I. Versatility

The Millermatic 140 can accommodate both essential wire-types.

  • Aluminum – between 18 gauge (1.2 mm) and 14 gauge (1.9 mm)
  • Mild steel – thickness as less as 0.8 mm to 3/16” (4.8 mm) maximum

Tap into its Manual Mode to alter settings for other material types. The flexibility of this device is astounding. Applications include trucks and cars, not just household and garden wire-welding tasks.

II. Varied Applicability

Aside from all its applications, Millermatic140 can perform flux-cored arc welding (FCAW). You can weld for 2 minutes at any one stretch of time thanks to the device’s duty cycle of 20% and at 18 VDC, it has a rated output of 90Amps.

Obviously, cooldown periods will be required. This is, after all, a small device, which is also why a heavy duty cycle could not be integrated into it.

As ‘down’ as this may sound, it is actually a boost to convenience and durability. Less is more. Add a wire speed of 15 to 390 IPM and a welding-amperage range is between 30-140 amps, and you have yourself a wire-welder that can be put to several different project uses and sundry other applications as you see fit.
Any popping or spattering when you start the welder is absent thanks to the device’s Smooth-Smart function.

III. Extras

This should technically be a side-note instead of a best-feature addition, but herein lies the Millermatic 140’s value for money.

  • Extras include a work cable as long as 10 feet and clamp connected to the MIG gun, a power cord (6 feet) with attached plug, and Hobart-manufactured spool of thinner wire
  • Even more extras include two contact tips for .024-inch wires and another two for .030-inch wires, not to forget a Smith-Argon and AR/CO mix regulator/flow gauge along with a gas hose

Most such wire-welding machines provide only the main box and not all these important extras that cut downtime and unwanted expenses.

Pros of Millermatic 140 Auto-Set (Machine)

  • Bear in mind that the Millermatic 140 is used mainly for light industrial applications that include repair work and maintenance. This certainly affects the price, which is a good thing.
  • It is superbly small and lightweight. 60 lbs. is no big deal and makes for excellent portability.
  • To operate, all it needs is single phase (aka 1-phase) electricity input (115 Volts and 20 Amperes at 60Hertz). Most homes have one-phase workshops even though the rest of the residence may enjoy three phases. The Millermatic 140 rises to this occasion.
  • The ‘Auto-Set’ functionality is one of the best benefits in this little wonder, which makes it ideal for hobbyist welders or beginners even. The device is set automatically to the ideal parameters. This makes setup easy and the results are top-notch. After all, bad parameters can lead to defects or imperfections in the weld. Even if you are relatively inexperienced in the art of welding, the Millermatic 140 prevents all the following: solid inclusions, cracks, pores, cavities, lack of penetration and fusion, imperfect shapes.
  • Simply set the wire diameter and the welding material thickness, and you are ready to go. This machine promotes no guesswork, adding to your convenience.

Cons of Millermatic 140 Auto-Set (Machine)

  • Not to make this welder device seem like it is perfect (it might have flaws based on how you plan to use it) but the Millermatic 140 Auto-Set seems to have no glaring disadvantages worth mentioning.
  • For the sake of it, we mention the fact that this little welder can solely be used for light industrial applications and nothing grander, heavy-duty, or large-scale.


The Millermatic 140 is an excellent welder for wires. Even though it is capable of small-scale applications only, it rises to several different demands and proves its versatility ten times over. Not only is the price rather competitive and beautifully affordable (compared to other wire-welders on the market), the machine also has a gas solenoid valve as its standard fitment that ensures the electronics inside the box are ‘cold’ until the gun of MIG is triggered. This imparts safety, durability (life span), and ease for you to work with it.