Lincoln Electric Viking 3350 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Review

Lincoln Electric Viking 3350 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Review

Lincoln Electric Auto Darkening Welding Helmet is one of the top helmet series of the Lincoln Electric. It is a magnificent high quality and handsomely made helmet with improved headgear to provide greater fit and comfort to the operators. For those who are looking for an upgrade from cheaper helmet, this is a tried and tested product which gives you your monies worth.

In the manufacturing sectors, safety of the operators and productivity has been the prime consideration. Thus, in order to increase the productivity without risking the lives of the individuals, the companies are looking for better technologies and improved safety gears.

The safety gears used in the plant should have some features
• During welding, harmful radiations are emitted which might affect the eyes and skin. Therefore, helmet and lens must be in good condition.
• Filter lens should be cleaned and must be properly attached to helmet.
• Darkening of the filter should be proper.
• Should allow minimum fumes and ventilation system must be proper.
So, if you are looking for a helmet satisfying the above requirements

This helmet provides perfect optimal clarity, covering a wider area in the line. The optical clarity conforms to 3 parameters:

• Clean and crisp image of the weld puddle.
• Haziness is absent during the welding
• Shade is being maintained even if working at an angle.
Now, let us go through the amazing features of this product.

Lincoln Electric Viking 3350 Black Welding Helmet review

side view of Lincoln Electric Viking 3350 Black Welding Helmet

Features of Lincoln Electric Welding Helmet

  • Adjustable Head Size

    You can easily adjust the headgear on the basis of head size and can also be tightened as per your requirement by just turning the knob.

  • Fore/AFT Adjustment

    You can adjust the distance between lens of the helmet and your face in order to improve the vision as per your requirement.

  • Solar Battery Powered

    The Battery of the Helmet is solar powered which can be removed and fitted easily. Since it uses lithium battery, which is not as heavy as lead batteries, hence the weight of the helmet is reduced considerably. The battery is replaceable.

  • Suspension System

    Large helmets can get heavy. In order to lighten the load on your neck and shoulder the Lincoln Electric Viking 3350 comes with its own Suspension System. Adopters are really grateful for the availability of a comfortable suspension system in this helmet.

  • Wider Vision area

    Since the helmet has a wider lens of 95 X 98 mm it thus increases your viewing area. The large viewing area is of immense help especially when you have to weld in an awkward position and are unable to look straight.

  • Auto Darkening Feature

o The Auto-darkening feature changes shade from light state to dark state as soon as the welding starts and returns to the original state as the welding stops. Auto-darkening feature works with various types of welding like GMAW, MWAW, and GTAW and also with Plasma and arc welding.
o The Shade of the helmet can be adjusted from shade 6 to 13 depending upon your position, angle and type of welding by adjusting the shade selector knob.

  • Light Sensitivity

    Moreover, you can adjust the light sensitivity of the helmet as per the surroundings with the knob. In case of Dim light move the knob towards left for High sensitivity and right for low sensitivity.

  • Protection from Radiations

    The delay knob provides protection to your eyes from the residual radiations after the welding arc have been ceased.

  • Four Arc Sensors

    The four arc sensors play an important role in making these helmets the best among all.,the more the better. These all four sensors provide ability which help catching the arc spark while welding and auto darkening the filter precisely, while with other 2-sensor helmets, this ability seems to be a little off.

  • Ventilation System

    Equipped with great ventilation system, which keeps the optimal air circulation and also keeps the fumes and gases away from the breathing zone.

  • Other Features

No distortion or lighter or darker spots.
Rugged and lightweight along with hardhat adapter cables.
You can use the helmet in temperatures ranging from 14 – 131 deg. F.
You get a perfect optimal clarity of 1/1/1/1.
The Helmet comes with magnified cheater lenses.
Sleek, smarter design, colored with shiny black.

lincoln electric viking 3350 welding helmet

lincoln electric viking 3350 welding helmet comes with a helmet bad and foose design bandana

Pros of Lincoln Electric Welding Helmet

  • The Superior Suspension system makes the helmet easy and comfortable to wear.
  • Made by Lincoln Electric, one the biggest manufacturers in the world about arc welding and cutting equipments.
  • Even if you are working at awkward angles there is no loss in vision and also the auto darkening features holds up to its expectation.
  • If you are using Bifocal glasses with this helmet, there is no loss of vision.
  • Solar powered Battery makes it pocket – friendly for you, as it saves both money and energy. Moreover, lithium batteries charges up in quick time hence save time also.
  • With the backpack provided, you can carry the helmet to plants easily and along with the additional accessories like Lenses, headband etc. as it have separate slots for each.
  • Sensors for making light sensitivity adjustments, auto-darkening adjustments help you in setting up the right combination thus increasing the productivity.
  • Cartridges provide protection against the Ultra-Violet (UV) and Infrared (IR) radiations emitted while welding.
  • Equipped with signals to indicate low- battery and full-battery levels. You better stock up a few batteries in hand when these run out, the best replacements are CR 2450 which can be bought easliy.
  • With the stickers provided the helmet you can personalize it as well.
  • Three-year warranty brings the customer the reliable feeling about the quality of the product. You don't have to worry about changing to a new one in next 3 years or maybe more !

Cons of Lincoln Electric Welding Helmet

  • Screws to adjust the tightening or loosening of the headgear can be tedious sometimes as with the screws it is very difficult to get the right combination.
  • The Hinged system in the back is not great and it may look as if it will break quickly.
  • Since most of the parts are metallic, proper maintenance and care needs to be taken in order to prevent them from rusting.
  • Though it is quite light from helmets but you may still find it heavy due to the larger lens.
  • In case of shocks, vibrations or pressure the feasibility of auto darkening feature is still in question.
    You need to clean the solar cells and sensors on a regular basis.
  • Lenses have to be replaced in case of dirt or splatter.
  • Equipment should be cleaned with soft cloth and soapy water rather than using solvents or abrasive detergents.


At its current price point the Lincoln Electric Auto Darkening Welding Helmet is a sure bet for those who are looking for an upgrade to their cheaper helmets or for those who would like to invest in a helmet which gives the most bang for their money. Given the price performance ratio and user feedback in the form of reviews, you can be rest assured that this is a quality product of good value which will give you years of usage.

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