Lincoln Electric Easy MIG Welder 140 Review

Lincoln Electric Easy MIG Welder 140 Review

Lincoln is a powerhouse company that is credited for producing the very best welders in the market. The Easy MIG 140 115V has been engineered to use the common 120V power source making it to be an ideal choice for your projects. Whether it is the farm repair projects, the basic body works of automobiles and other home projects, the MIG 140 welder will help you get the very best results. If you have other models at home and then make the wise decision of buying this welder, all the rest will become very inferior to it. It features the very specifications that you may be looking for in a welder within its price range.

Features of Lincoln Electric Easy MIG Welder 140

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  • It speed control entails a fifty to five hundred IPM wire feed system.
  • Can be set for gas shielded MIG welding for aluminum, stainless as well as steel or for gas-free flux welding.
  • It features a fully adjustable and user friendly drive system.
  • Its gun connection system features a brass to brass gun connectivity.
  • It also features a cast aluminum body designed with rigid drive for aiding in wire alignment.
  • It features a 20 percent duty cycle engine at 90 amperes.
  • It has a numeric drive, easy to turn tension indicator.
  • It is a 120 volt welding machine.
  • The model and the Lincoln Electric Magnum 100SG spool gun are compatible.
  • The package includes: the welder; a sample .035 inch flux cored wire spool; a sample .025 inch MIG wire spool; apparatus for shielding gas; spindle adapter (for the eight inch dia); gas nozzles & glasses; .035 & .025 contact tips; and a gun together with a ten feet cable assembly.

Benefits of Lincoln Electric Easy MIG Welder 140

  • Versatility

    The welder perfectly fits in the home projects, shop as well as the on farm tasks. The multi process welder has been designed with a simple 2-knob control system making it easy to set gas shielded MIG welding for thin gauge stainless, aluminum and steel or to work on the thicker steel that need deeper penetration by the use of the gasless flux core welding.

  • Its Adjustable Drive for Making InroadsLINCOLN ELECTRIC EASY MIG WELDER 140 REVIEW (2)

    As far as performance is concerned, the drive system, which is fully adjustable, forges full steam for your projects. The numeric-drive (easy turn) tension indicator offers the versatile settings needed to reduce wire tangling & crushing. It is an important feature that allows one to work on different wire diameter ranges. The conductivity of the machine is boosted by the brass to brass gun connectivity. To flower all these features up, the model is designed with durable cast-aluminum gearbox which provides quiet operation with an added drive torque.

  • User-Friendly DesignEasy reference chart

    The welder has been designed to be easily operated by both the experienced welders and the newbie’s alike. The simplicity in the design of the welder allows anyone to produce excellent results. It is ready to start working right out of the package. With the simple calibration chart for reference (found on the inside part of the door panel) it is easy to set up the machine as well as doing the job.

Pros of Lincoln Electric Easy MIG Welder 140

  • It is versatile since it can be used for both gas free flux core and gas shielded welding. This makes it possible for the model to be used in welding a wide range of materials.
  • Its fully adjustable drive ensures there is reduced crushing and wire tangle.
  • Its brass to brass gun connectivity system enhances maximum conductivity hence maximum output.
  • The rigid drive in conjunction to the model’s cast aluminum body enhances for proper wire alignment hence reducing the risks of breaking down and continuous repair.
  • The machine is a quick tool that is designed to provide minimal drive roll changeovers.
  • Its tension indicator alerts you in case of any extremities that may cause the machine’s functionality to be in jeopardy.
  • Since it is a 120 volt welder, it can easily be used by most people because this power is readily available in most homes, shops etc.

cons of Lincoln Electric Easy MIG Welder 140

  • The welder is very popular thus will sometimes be out of stock. Making an order may be necessary under such circumstances.


There are so many welder models in the market than you had ever imagined. The choice is always yours when it comes to choosing the most appropriate product for your tasks. It’s worth noting that the more the products in the market, the more the counterfeits there will be. And the more the counterfeits, the more challenging it is to get a good, reliable product. The Lincoln Electric Easy MIG 140 is a model you can trust. In fact, if you want a good welder, don’t even think twice as this is the welder to beat. It assures you high performance together with excellent usability. In addition, it is durable and gives the best quality of performance when compared with other models within the same price range.