[Infographics] Is Welding the Right Career for You?

[Infographics] Is Welding the Right Career for You?

For many years, a career in welding has promised people a steady job at good wages. Figuring out how to get a job in this industry, however, can be challenging, especially if you aren’t familiar with the field. Fortunately, this infographic from Tulsa Welding School can help you learn how to start a rewarding career as a welder.


Welding is a career that requires you to have some technical skills, such as reading blueprints and calculating dimensions. As a welder, much of your time will also be spent on physical tasks like joining metal parts, inspecting structures, and maintaining equipment and machinery.


Welding provides a stronger and more economical method of joining metal than riveting and bolting. More than 60% of all welders work in manufacturing, while 11% work in construction. The rest work in various industries, providing services like shipbuilding, oilrig repair, or military support. Jobs tend to be concentrated in states such as Texas, California, and Pennsylvania; however, many welders travel around the world to work.

Careers & Earning Potential

Welding professionals have excellent opportunities to advance in the field and increase their income. Few welders stay on the shop floor for their entire careers. After gaining experience and, in some cases, additional formal training, many choose positions in project management, engineering, robotics, sales, inspection, or education. This room for growth means that while a beginning welder may only earn about $22,680 a year, one with experience could earn $51,000 or more. Welders who work in more hazardous fields, such as underwater or on petroleum pipelines, can earn as much as $200,000 a year. Considering that one only needs to complete a seven-month training course to get started as a welder, these are well-
paying jobs.

Lasting Demand

As long as the manufacturing, construction, and oil industries rely on metal structures, we will always need welders. In fact, the country is currently facing a shortage of skilled welders. Review the infographic below to learn more about entering this exciting field.