Is Welding Engineering a good career to choose?

Is Welding Engineering a good career to choose?


There are a good number of people seeking for a good career for them and in the process; they come across the welding engineering career. They thenceforth seek to know more about this career. There are others who may have clear information on what the welding career entails and end up choosing it.

However, those around them may wonder what kind of a career welding engineering is. Anyone interested in knowing what this career entails will probably have the three questions that are answered below in mind.

  • What does the welding engineering career look like?
  • Is this career in welding engineering a good choice?
  • Where do I do my welding engineering studies?

Below is an answer that is concise and may elaborately answer all three questions that have been lingering in your mind.

The Dynamics of the Welding Engineering Profession

The welding engineering profession is a very wide and open industry that starves for welding engineers. Over 90% of the welding engineers always accept a job offer several months before their graduation. This is something that’s not very common with most of the other courses we may be pursuing in other disciplines.

The career pays more than what other professions pay and in addition, there is a wide scope of fields where you can work in. today, almost all the engineering companies and firms need welders in one way or another.

Welding engineering firms, mechanical engineering, agricultural engineering, electrical engineering firms… all will need welders. This makes it possible for you to easily get a job in a state or even town that you really want to work in. welding jobs are all over.

Is Welding Engineering a good career to choose? 1
Welding shortfall in UK in last five years and how important to have a job in welding career.

The Downsides

The availability of the jobs everywhere and the dynamics associated with this kind of profession may be a downside in one way or the other. If you can work anywhere, you may end up having the tendency of changing jobs more frequently when compared to other professions.

This career can also have so many frustrations when compared to other forms of occupation especially within the engineering field. This is one of those factors that can make a welding engineer to move from one job to the other.

No one who has the papers and the qualifications of securing a new job will remain in a company that frustrates them. When compared to other engineering professions, welding engineers may at times not be appreciated as much. A good number of employers do not understand that this is equally a complex department with complex process. Appreciating and empowering these engineers would be wise and the begging of a steady growth of your industry. Many companies are ignorant of this fact ending up with dumb decisions.

Getting a Welding Engineering Degree and Certification

Certified Welder Program
There are schools that will concentrate more on the metallurgy and science parts forgetting the practical or rather manual side of it while others will be only technology based.

Also known as material joining in some universities, welding engineering is offered in so many institutions of higher learning. When seeking for an institution where you can do the course, always be careful to find out that an institution offers exactly what you are looking for.

Science and metallurgy are important but it is the manual work that will enable you to freely implement what you have learnt in class. A university or college that would make you a very good engineer is therefore one that incorporates both the science and the practical hence producing an all rounded engineer.

The welding engineering technology will not have the heavy physics and math incorporated in their outline as it is with the regular welding engineering degree. In fact, if you have a technology engineering degree, you may either be prevented or even delayed from sitting your professional engineering examination of certification.

Is Welding Engineering a good career to choose? 2
It is so nice to have a certification as this will make you enjoy a smoother practice.

There are a very limited number of jobs and areas where one can work without an engineering certification. It is also difficult to climb the ladder if you are not a registered engineer something you would really want to happen fast. Some states will never allow you to open a private company while yet others would allow you to open but the company must not have the word engineering attached to it if you do not have the professional certification.

Just to mention: LeTourneau University, Colorado School of Mines, Montana Tech, Ferris State University and The Ohio State University are some of the universities you can choose doing your welding engineering degree from.

Specialization in the Profession

Is Welding Engineering a good career to choose? 3
It will be easier and more successful for you if you specialize in one area and do it perfectly than to do everything yet no segment is given a Midas touch

So many industries having extensive welding engineering works exist. Broad exposure to all these has value of its own. It is however very important to discover that there is value in pursuing and specializing in one of the major segments within the career.

Some of the segments in this engineering profession include: gauges or plate thickness, automated or manual, custom or volume production, stainless steel, copper alloys, aluminum or working with iron among others.

When you hear of specialization, it doesn’t mean that you choose from the above mentioned segments. Welding engineering needs that you understand the metallurgy, physics, techniques, sciences together with variables than being industry specific. Look at the physics bases divisions of interests and seek for employment in companies that abide by the laws of your interest and you will enjoy your career. You can choose opportunities in:

  • Project management
  • Education
  • Robotics
  • Inspection etc

Travelling Opportunities are Unbelievable

Welding engineers work everywhere ranging from the bottom sea all the way to the outer space. If you thought that the career entails just travelling on land, then you may get something more than that. It is one of the careers that can make you to explore the world a great deal.

Fortunately, there are no jobs in this world that pay more than travelling jobs. The allowances are so numerous and big. Welding engineers who travel as part of their career are referred to as “Road Warriors”. These spend most of their time, meals etc on the road hence making it their lifestyle. Examples of travelling welding engineers are:

  1. Industrial shutdowns: these engineers typically travel from industry to industry working to ensure that companies producing our goods are working without breakdowns. They typically move along a 1000 miles radius from their residential homes, spending six months on the move and six months off every year, with a very good pay.

    shutdown welder job
    WeldNet provides supervision in projects such as shutdown maintenance welding and hot taps, tenders and contract views. ((Photo Credits:, cc: Some Rights Reserved)
  2. Ship builders & repair: ship building welder work in ship yards. Some shipyards do hire independent contractors to build and repair their ship. These independent contractors may stay there for weeks or even months depending on the nature and the number of ship to be worked on. When done, they move to another yard for the same work. Ship builder travel across the entire world; One week they are in this continent and the other they are in another. The pay is very handsome.
  3. Military Support: there is a constant need for welding engineers to support the military troops. The military jobs include building infrastructure as well as the repair of military equipment, all of which require welders. In most of the cases, the welders are contracted from outside the military personnel. Some of these works include; repair of tanks, building of pipelines as well as outfit of the military vehicles. Welding engineers doing this work can travel far while others can get the privilege of working close to home.

    Military Support Welders
    A soldier uses the oxyacetylene welding process on a construction project in Iraq. (Photo Credits: Cpl James Williams RLC; , cc: Some Rights Reserved)
  4. On-board ship repair and maintenance: this is a type of work, which requires you to literally live in a ship for sometime as it travels around the world. Pipes need to be replaced as other repairs are also done while the ship is on the move. This job may mean you are in a new country after every fortnight or even a week. Such welders get good pay, get a luxury room in the ship, access to all amenities and get chief prepared food not all of which many ever get to enjoy I the whole of their lifetime.
  5. Pipeline installation: these welders move to where pipelines are being installed and to places that need repair. The work pays well as in many cases; there are emergency repair jobs that occasionally may take you abroad.
  6. Motor sports: the pit crews always travel with hired welding engineers. We all know that all the metallic machines are custom made. NASCAR together with many motor sports builds their cars from scratch, something that entails lots of metal fabrication. During racing, welders will have to be on standby to help in repair in case one is needed.
  7. Underwater welding: just as the name suggests, the welding job can take you to the bottom of the seas and oceans. Underwater welders do travel from continental waters to continental water. The job takes you to new locations that very few have ever reached. It is a very well paying job.

The welding career is a very awesome green collar form of job. If you don’t like sitting in the office all day like doctors do, or you are not as good an orator like the lawyers are but you still want to earn like doctors and lawyers, then the welding engineering course is the best opportunity for you. It is a career that many have not felt the need to explore it. If you feel you are interested in this field, just follow the right procedure and the sky will be the limit in your career and your entire life as a whole.