Esab SENTINEL A50 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Review

Esab SENTINEL A50 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Review

They’re always marketing it saying how great it is and seems like a lot of other a lot of people like it but I’m gonna give you my honest opinion tell you the good in the bad the ugly.

First I’m gonna go over just my general feelings about it I like the hood it feels light on your head I really like the headgear it’s the most comfortable headgear I that’s compared you know something like this is the classic design you really can wear this hood all day I really like this feature it kind of let it sit on your head it’s kind of on a pivot this part that goes on the back your head you can see that there right by the adjuster if pivot so it really forms to your head is really nice along with this nice padded piece

Esab SENTINEL A50 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet
  • Optical Class Rating 1/1/1/2 - Fully control and adjust the Sentinel's shade 5-13 ADF - True-Color Lens Technology
  • Sentinel's shade 3 Grind Mode allows you to switch over to grind without removing your gloves and taking off your helmet.
  • 3.93 x 2.36 in. (100 x 60 mm) viewing area. 1/1/1/2 -5-13 ADF.
  • Control panel with backlit display makes it easy to read in low-light environments. Sentinel's simple design allows operator to to use without referencing the user manual.
  • Color touch screen control panel with 8 separate memory settings and externally activated shade 4 Grind Button.

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I do really like about it okay first first thing is like just the way it looks it’s definitely the coolest looking welding helmet it’s nice and compact. I really like the material it’s if you’d like wedge in your head into a tight corner it will flex a little bit instead of just knocking it off your head the head gear is the best head gear of any world in helmet I’ve ever had. The way it fits on your head and it’s got like so much adjustability there little adjuster on the back so really good all the patterns amazing super comfy inside 

Overall features of Esab SENTINEL A50 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

The funny thing is is I was actually going to do this review last week I’ve had this thing for about a year and it never gave me any problems and I always thought you know since it has all these electronics in it that working where .

I work in a mind it was gonna break really quick you know I have to work in the rain a lot and I figured you know I’m just gonna ride it off it’s gonna break eventually but I was really surprised and that’s why I really wanted to do this review and I was gonna say man it doesn’t even get affected by water like you would think and all this stuff but after a year I didn’t know no and I was up on a piece of equipment and left it in a bucket I thought it was out of the rain but the rim started blowing in here in Hawaii we have lots of big storms there instant blowing in and filled up my bucket with you know a couple inches of water you know it this wasn’t under water but it fried it and I think it’s more for indoor use okay guys so I’m just gonna start out by giving you know a general opinion about this hood and then I’ll get into some of the features and what I like and don’t like so first off .

I want to say this hood is very comfortable on the head you know it feels really nice in the hand but really the this headgear is real nice I think they call it a Halo™ headgear this just that forms real nice deer head you know you have all these adjustments up here to you know really form fin it and you even have another one down on the inside as you can see I have used this element for the year that I’ve had it

Second thing I really like about it is the way this it sits on the headgear it really doesn’t stick up very much when you flip up your hood it really forms right to your head and you know it only adds a couple inches instead of you know having a big old hood sticking straight up and always getting poor Stallard on everything and so that’s really nice about it.

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Just to show you the comparison of the headgear this is the headgear on my Speedglass so real basic and you know it it it’s not very comfortable I mean after all day this squeeze it you know you you might start going a little bit crazy something I’ll get into later is this cover lens and this is kind of this is one of those things that it’s kind of their pride and joy you know I think their marketing department kind of exaggerated at least when they originally put this out.

I’m gonna look at their website before I post this video and see if they’re still claiming that this is you know really scratch resistant because as you can see it’s not really that that’s probably only a week and a half old granted I’m not in a shop which I think they kind of designed this hood for but you know a hood shouldn’t look like that lens shouldn’t really look like that after a couple weeks you know that that’s real bad real bad yeah, a whole great visibility that they marketed kind of goes down the drain as soon as you start getting scratches on this because it’s really exaggerated and we’re gonna come back to this lens okay so now I’m gonna start going through all of the features that they kind of mark it and give my honest opinion on them.

Features of Esab SENTINEL A50 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

The first thing that they really try to push is you know the streamlined shell design you know it looks pretty cool, I got this hood when I was actually still in school right at the tail end of when I was going to Welding school and you know I was the first guy to have it at my school and you know everyone thought it was so cool, the first day I welded with it I was doing a aluminum MIG and just destroy the cover lens on it and everyone oh man but that’s besides the point you know it does look kind of cool you know what kind of a space helmet you know you got your weird transformer you know lines on it and all that you go on the inside and there’s this pocket for your respirator to fit in and I usually just wear the pancake style three end and when I need it and that that fits fine in there so those those really low profile ones will do great so back to the streamlined shell design you know it looks cool but when you it’s really wide it doesn’t really show how wide it is especially when you put it on it gets even wider a little bit it’s extremely wide compared to you know something like this you know you can completely hide this whole hood box so you’re trying to squeeze through something and you know you’re every time you squeeze this hood it’ll pop off your head actually and end up sitting you know falling off or you know sitting on top of your head and really weird position so that’s something I really don’t like about it is how wide it is also if you’re laying down and you you lay on the side of your head it will pop off because it has so much flex to it you know you it really flexes and it will just pop right off and that is super annoying because you kind of have to keep your head up and kill your net unless your hood fault unless your hood will fall off which I really hate

I apologize you guys the the grind mode button keeps falling out because I actually took the screw out of it when I provide it the other day I’ve been having it sitting on rice and it actually after about a week I tried it out and works fine again so the next thing that you really like the market is the headgear I already kind of talked about that you know it is really comfortable a five-point and there’s actually a lot of adjustability on it

I’m gonna try to show you guys that so this front headband actually swivels see that so that can really get a good form to your head especially if you’re if you like to wear a cap or whatever I don’t like to wear a cap but you know it kind of a lot of weird positions you can swivel that same thing with this back part this swivels which is real nice. I really like the tension knob here real nice feel when it’s on your head and it snugs down real real nicely against all of these actually I have issues with them because a lot of the time these will kind of pop off like that when you’re welding and sort of a stick up and when you go to flip up your hood it’ll catch and that can be kind of annoying but that doesn’t happen too much I actually put tape around on stop it no no big deal okay so now you know this is something that really pushes their spherical front cover lens which to me is the most annoying thing about this so this is the thing that I hate the most about it

I wish they would have just put a regular recessed lens in it that’s why most of you see they have they have a kind of like a bezel around it so when you you can go like this it won’t touch the the lens this you just go to set it down that that’s where automatically rolls and that just rolling like that actually scratches the lens even on a somewhat clean surface soft stuff will scratch it .It’s ridiculous I remember before I bought this they were marking it as the most durable lens ever created and you know how amazing it is and even though it’s like this it’s not gonna scratch and all these are the weakest cover lenses I’ve ever seen, terrible cover lenses and then when they first came out they were charging something 24 bucks for for a 10 pack of the clear ones they sell these amber ones for even more and I’ll break into that and kind of show you the clarity of it because I don’t think it’s really fair to show the clarity with this nasty lens I’m just gonna gently run it across and see it really it just digs right in there’s just this display button here that turns it on it lasts a couple seconds on.

You know you got your grind mode sensitivity delay so sensitivity will adjust you know how bright doesn’t need to be before it turns on so if you’re around a lot of other people welding and you know you don’t want it always going on for for their arc or you know you’re outside and the Sun setting it off you can turn the sensitivity up and it won’t turn on unnecessarily unless you wanted to delay just the how long after the arc stops it’ll stay on.

They’re a beautiful lid, Ive got one for playing around with some Tig, I end up using it for everything because of how comfortable and clear the visor is. The auto darkening unit inside is alot closer to your face than in “normal” helmets, but the clarity is unbelievable. I almost feel like I need a darker shade because of how optically clear the helmet is. Hands down one of the best lids Ive ever used. The headgear is wonderful and the clarity is amazing. One thing I’ve noticed is the lenses scratch so unbelievably easy. I have my helmet in a super soft bag made to stop scratches and it still has lots of them regardless. The lenses however are super cheap and the scratches aren’t visible when using the lid

So if you’re doing say aluminum Meg the puddle is still molten after you’re done well then it’s really bright and can still cause damage to your eye so you turn to the layout so it waits a couple seconds after you’re done welding to lighten back up so you don’t fry your eyes. Okay so I just found something weird since I fired it my shade isn’t gonna adjust I can adjust the sensitivity right there you can adjust the delay can adjust the memory but not the shade so I can’t really show off the memory function without the shade function the how the shade is supposed to work you see this 9 through 13 that’s a shades 9 through 13 you can set and then there’s also another function you would tap on the 9 through 13 I don’t let me change it it would go 5 through 9 I believe or 4 through 9 and you can adjust you there so there’s a higher inch and a low range.

I don’t really know why it needs to do that but I guess it’s just the make adjustment quicker the presets because you can you know have a bunch of different processes set up so fatigue if you want you know a shade 8 or you know you’re gonna stick you want to shade 10 you’re going to MIG you want to shade 11 then you’re doing aluminum and you want to shade 13 you know all that you can set that up to 8 so these are would be the presets that you would go through and you could just click set on it it would go to memory 5 oh you know I want to do a different process you go down to 3 you know and all your sensitivity and you program their sensitivity you know delay and your shade to that specific preset and you can switch to it just by hitting you know the same button a couple times instead of resetting everything and having to go back which is really cool.

You can also cut with this on a shade 5 which you know is nice I don’t really like to cut the hood on I’d much prefer just glasses I don’t like using the hood that much so that’s the electronics of it pretty straightforward oh the other thing is it has four light sensors hardly ever will this hood shut off on me no matter how tied of a spot I’m in.

It won’t light them back up which is really cool I really like that you know your hand won’t get in the way when you’re TIG welding all that kind of stuff which isn’t real real nice you know you’re looking around a weird corner and you know your your hood brightens up and you’re kind of welding blind you never want that so that cuts a good feature.

It’s the four sensors another thing that I’ve noticed about this hood is that it doesn’t really fog up very much you know even in a tight spot I guess it’s just the aerodynamics of it or whatever but your breath doesn’t really fog it up the only way to fog up is if you’re in a real tight spot your clothes are soaking wet and you’re breathing a heavy and it’s getting warm in there from the welding that’s really the only way all right so now I’m gonna try to show the clarity I’m gonna change the cover lens in order to you know kind of help the camera focus and I’ll see if I can get an arc shot or two with it okay so there’s the arc shot the camera doesn’t really do it justice you know it’s it’s really hard to see but I will tell you this when you’re welding with this hood with with the new cover lens at least you can really see you very very clearly you know, if you’re welding here you know you can actually see the true colors of everything around which is kind of cool you know you can you can really see a soapstone line if you’re hard facing or whatnot you know you can actually see colors in the background and also the somewhat true color of the art it’s not a green color it’s you know that nice you know white blue red and yellow color which is really cool it really helps with temperature control and everything and I think it would be really great for TIG. I’m don’t claim to be a TIG welder or anything but it’s it’s very clear also the camera as soon as I hit record it kind of darkens I don’t know why that is if it’s just automatically adjusting for the light but looking through it when there’s no shade on it it’s actually clearer than the camera shows up it’s brighter it’s kind of funny because on their website you know there’s reviews of guys saying oh you know I, I didn’t lift up my hood a single time all day and all my hood no matter how clear it is I don’t care I mean it strains my eyes I don’t know why I lift up my safety glasses even clear ones so I don’t really know what that’s all about you know oh I never lift up my hood because it’s so clear I think that’s kind of a crock that’s another thing that is kind of about it about this hood since it’s so wide if you’re in the Sun it really lets a lot of light in and kind of reflects on the lens that’s why those pipeline guys wear those nice pancakes well guys I hope you like this video

I hope it kind of gave you some insight if you’re thinking about buying this also if you have this hood and you have any other things you like or don’t like or think that I completely made up and I’m full of leave it down below I love yeah so all in all I think it’s a great hood I think it’s more for a shop use

I work in a mind so it really gets banged around and abuse so I personally if you work in that field or you plan on going to that field you’re in school right now and you want to buy a new hood before you graduate or whatever I don’t know if I would recommend this.

I would definitely recommend it for a shop no questions asked it’s it’s really good visibility really great quick adjustment for the shades if you’re you know doing multi process work but you know it has its pitfalls and that would definitely be the cover lens being the the main one you know it’s junk when I first was gonna buy this I heard from a guy I never saw read anything about it but he swore up and down that they were gonna make up Pyrex lens for this that you never have to replace but yeah that was never true you know I believe the guy for some reason I don’t know what but no they don’t have the Pyrex lens or anything I think that would be really cool if someone could make that though and maybe sell it now that would be nice I don’t know how fragile it would be you’re know just something a little bit more strong than this it’s not very scratch resistant alright guys so that wraps it up for this you saw Sentinel a 50 I hope you liked it hope it helped you can check out my other stuff and have a good one see ya thanks for watching