Best Cheap Portable TIG Welder Reviews For the Money

Introduction about TIG Welder

TIG welding is a welding method that is highly employed in the welding of thin metals such cosmetic applications that require strictness in the control of heat. With progress in technology, the method is becoming more and more popular and is being applied in a number of exotic welding applications.

Why do you need my TIG Welder reviews ?

An appropriate TIG welder can offer you excessively precise and clean welds, with minimal smoke emissions and without any spatter. As a result, it is a very attractive welder for cosmetic applications such as automotive, sculpture together with experimental aircraft among others. It is a popular tool in the applications that involve lighter metals such as aluminum, copper alloys, thin-gauge metal parts and chrome-molybdenum tubing. Such materials require precise heat control so as to evade burning off or warping through the bottom of your piece of work. These welding machines do operate efficiently at lower amperages, which are required for any given piece of work.

Factors to consider when choosing best TIG welder

It can be either difficult or easy to choose the best TIG welder. If you don’t know the features of the best machine, and you don’t know the procedures to be followed in selecting these tools, then it will be a tall order trying to get one. On the other hand, if you know all the features of what you want, choosing these instruments will be one of your easiest tasks ever. Below are some of the consideration factors when looking for a TIG welder.

  • Amperage Range
  • Low Amperage Welding
  • AC/DC Wedling
  • Duty Cycle
  • Portability
  • The Right Controls
  • Price
  • Cooling systems
  • Quick Change Tips & Stick Welding Ability
  • Quality Design together with Durability
  • Ease of using

Though TIG welding needs that the operator be highly skilled and experienced, it doesn’t mean that the welding machines they use have to be that complicated. The best TIG welders have to be user friendly, offering controls that are easy to understand. One key accessory is the foot pedal for control of amperage, which preferable should have been made of a durable metal. It simplifies the welding process since it allows the user the ability of decreasing and increasing the amperage as required.

Foot amperage controls are mandatory especially when intending to do aluminum welds. Cold aluminum demands high amperage ratings to weld but will quickly heat up during the course. As a result, you need to keep on regulating the amperage and that’s why you need a good welder with some of the best and easily accessible knobs. These enables you to maintain a consistent weld-bead shape as you also keep a constant travel speed.

Common F.A.Q before you buy a TIG welder

1. Is TIG welding the best option for your job ?

2. What level of quality you need for the welding processes ?

3. What type of metal you are dealing with ?

4. Do you need basic or complex machine to complete welding requirements ?

5. Do you need to use AC/DC power ?

6. Do you need to use portable welding ?

7. Why is welding power source duty cycle important ?

8. Identity when the high frequency, scratch start and other method of starting the arc is used ?


Sourcing for the best TIG welder is a process, which involves more than just making price comparisons. In fact, the price should be the last factor to consider, after you have already confirmed that the options you are still remaining with all have the features and specifications you need. Let the welder be of the best quality, are efficient and looks good with the efficiency of the arc being the most imperative feature you should look at.

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Best Cheap Portable TIG Welder Reviews For the Money

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