Best Cheap Portable Plasma Cutter Reviews For the Money

Plasma cutters are industrially used for wide ranges of activities, which include cutting thin sheets of steal, thicker steel, piecing and piercing of thin and thick sheets of steel, molding different structures, sizing thick or thin sheets to bigger ones among others. All these activities are need accuracy and preciseness of the best, sharp and fine plasma cutter. In a nutshell, plasma cutting is an industrial process used by big manufacturing companies together with industries to cut sheets of steel into an array of shapes and sizes. The need for the best plasma cutter is thus important if you want to be steps above others.

CUT-50, 50 Amp Pro. Plasma Cutter, DC Inverter 110/230V Dual Voltage Cutting Machine New
  • Auto-voltage automatically adapts to 100-240V input power, plug adapters included.
  • Torch design provides a sure, comfortable grip made from heat and impact resistant material.
  • 50 Amp Digital Air Inverter Plasma Cutter handles cuts up to 1.0". Designed for both demanding industrial and construction work, or home and hobby use.
  • You can cut stainless steel, alloy steel, mild steel, copper aluminum, and other metal materials.
  • Less cleaning, maintenance, noxious gases, and less fire hazard, you have simply less overall work and a better, cleaner cut.
Hobart 500565 Airforce 27i Plasma Cutter 120/240V
  • Multi-Voltage plug (MVP) allows you to connect to 120 V or 240 V power.
  • Excels at cutting 3/8 in mild steel, can sever 5/8 in mild steel
  • Fan-On-Demand - Runs only when needed reducing dust/debris pulled into unit.
  • More precise cut, thinner kerf, less slag to clean up. XT30R torch with 12 ft lead and consumables
  • Wind Tunnel Technology - Prevents abrasive dust and particles from damaging internal components.Plasma Material Thickness: 1/4 inches to 3/8 inches
PrimeWeld Ct520d 50 Amps Plasma Cutter, 200 Amps Tig Welder and 200 Amps Stick Welder Combo
  • Combines plasma cutting, TIG/stick and arc welding functions in 1
  • Input power frequency: 50Hz / 60Hz
  • Power efficiency: 85%
  • 3 year Warranty, USA Based Parts and Customer Service 7 days per Week

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Types of best cheap portable plasma cutters

Because of the different steel types and the different requirement for each to get precise cuts, different plasma cutter types had to be developed. This is because each steel type is compatible with a plasma cutter that best works with it. The grading systems that define the cutting levels together with environments required dictate that different plasma cutter types be used. Different voltage ratings dictate the different plasma cutter types we have on the market.

Due to the different steel cutting needs, a combination of different ratings have been fixed through which these steel get their precise cuts. Two precise and distinctive ways are used in plasma cutting technology thus defining the plasma cutter types. These are the:

High frequency plasma cutting

These high frequency ratings are meant to be used for cutting thicker steel sheets because of the greater loads they can sustain. They require torch-like nozzles where high temperatures will be employed to cut the steel. The working part, which puts off the arc and leads to precise cuts, is the electrode. Since it’s quite expensive, use this method only on thick sheets that can’t be cut by the blow back plasma cutters.

Blow back plasma cutting

The blow black plasma cutting is the simplest cutting methods hence these cutters are equally simple. Both the cathode and the anode are connected to power and brought to contact with the sheet being cut. It is a cheaper method worth being employed on thin sheets.

Advantages of Using Plasma Cutters

  • It is easier to cut both thin and thick sheets of paper
  • It is possible to precisely cut different types of metals such as aluminum, steel and stainless steel.
  • It is possible to handle different mechanical activities by the use of the plasma cutters. These include piercing, cutting and piecing among others.

Tips on finding the best cheap portable plasma cutters

  • Duty cycle
  • Input power
  • Cutting speed
  • Start
  • Air supply
  • Environment
  • Control panel
  • Built-in inverter
  • Portability

There are users who may not need to consider the portability issues that much. If you don’t plan to be moving around with your cutter, and your plans are to have it stationery in your workshop, then it you may not need to consider the portability of the cutter. However, if your work involves being mobile from one region to the other, then portability will be one important subject to be factored in. Considering the most compact and the lightest cutter possible is prudent.


A plasma cutter is a real investment in your workshop. There are numerous factors that you need to consider when looking for the best plasma cutter in the market. Among these, include the ease-to-use, the quality of performance together with other features that may be applicable for you. The most important thing is for you to do a detailed research before spending your money on just any tool. By this, the complex plasma cutter buying process is simplified into something very easy indeed.

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Best Cheap Portable Plasma Cutter Reviews For the Money

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