ArcPro 20704 Solar Powered Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Review

ArcPro 20704 Solar Powered Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Review

ArcPro 20704 Auto-Darkening Solar Powered Welding Helmet with Grinding Mode, Alien Design

Welding helmets are needed to ensure that people will stay safe while doing some welding. The demand for it has grown over the past years which explain why there are more choices now than before. This welding helmet by Maxworks seems to be ready for the movies because it looks modern, cool, attractive and different from the usual array of welding helmets available.

Features of ArcPro 20704 Welding Helmet

Here are some of the features and benefits that you can surely get with this product:

• Welding and Grinding Modes

This helmet can shift from welding to grinding mode depending on what you are doing. It also adjusts depending on what you currently need. For welding mode, the DIN shade will be from 9 – 13 and for grinding mode, it will be shade DIN 4.

ArcPro 20704 Auto-Darkening Solar Powered Welding Helmet 1
Glove-friendly knob can help you adjust the shade easily

• Large Viewing Field

One of the main concerns of people who do welding and grinding is that they have limited view when they are doing work. This sometimes hinders them from working to the best of their abilities. The large viewing field of this product will not give any problems and will allow people to see well.

• Fast Auto Darkening

It will be hard to manually adjust the helmet depending on how dark you would need it to be so the fast auto darkening mode will do the adjustments for you. At the same time, it can also protect your face and neck from the UV rays emanating from your work. The great thing about this is the moment that you stop working, the helmet will clear out.

• Automatic On/Off Switch

This switch is powered by batteries and can make overall work easier to do with this feature.

ArcPro 20704 Auto-Darkening Solar Powered Welding Helmet with Grinding Mode
Simple Sensitivity and Delay adjustments

• Adjustable Headband

If you feel that some of the welding helmets that you have tried are too big or too small for you, you know that you will feel comfortable with the adjustable headband feature of this product.
These are just some of the features and benefits that you can get with using this product. It can be a very promising product to use that will give you the best comfort that you can get while working.

Pros of Using ArcPro 20704 Welding Helmet

At this point you may be wondering what makes this product better than the others. Here are just some of the positive things that you can get:

  • The design itself is something that will be considered fun and appealing. Aside from the fact that it is very nice to look at when you compare it with other products, you can safely say that the design is unique.
  • The lens is shaped differently from usual since it is not Miller or Jackson, so finding lens for replacement maybe difficult a little bit, but you can buy some easily from welding store some customers find that Lincoln Electric Protective Lens KH619 is the best replacement for 1$, just make sure the arc sparks dont pass and harm the auto darkening filter, this will be fine ! Besides that can be an advantage because a lot of workers usually complain that they do not have enough space to see the things that they are working on at times.
  • The auto darkening lens can be turned off. There will be times when you do not want it to auto darken because of the item that you are working on and since the switch can be seen on the side, it can easily be turned off.
  • It is inexpensive. This is one important factor that a lot of people will always pay special attention to. If you would compare it to other helmets that might offer or less benefits, the price that would have to be paid is considerably lesser.
  • This helmet is equipped with four arc sensors, this is a plus since the sensitivity will be increased and prevent your retina from being harmed by arc flash.
  • Solar-powered battery will help you from save a lot money from buying new ones, just make sure you choose the right mode while working outdoor.

Cons of Using ArcPro 20704 Welding Helmet

Of course, like with all other items, there are also some negatives that would have to be pointed out.

  • The special size of the lens can be very unique but at the same time, this can pose as a problem when there is a need for the lens to be replaced. Purchasing from Lowes can make it easier to have the lens replaced. The greatest part about this is that it does not cost much to have the lens replaced. In case you cross any problems please send an email to Arc Pro Sale Department for best consults.
  • The head gear may tend to be a bit weird in the beginning especially when you are not used to it. There are also some adjustments that you have to make in the beginning but after some time, you will get used to its unique shape.
  • The lens can be damaged cause most lens are not scratch-resistant. The best solution is using a soft welding helmet bag for carrying and preserving your item.


If you would check out this product, you will see that it has a lot of good reviews because truthfully, people cannot find a lot of fault in this product. It can be a very good product to use as long as the lens would not have to be replaced a lot of times. This helmet can be your new favorite when you are working. With its cool and unique shape, you will be able to tell that this product is yours immediately.