3M Speedglas Welding Helmet 9100 Review

3M Speedglas Welding Helmet 9100 Review

The main purpose of wearing a welding helmet is to protect the face from the harmful emission of radiation and heat. People who perform the welding work are at a great risk of losing vision, so it is very important for them to wear welding helmet. 3M Speedglas welding helmet provides complete safety with nice features that make work easier for the people.

3M Speedglas Welding Helmet 9100 with Extra-Large Size Auto-Darkening Filter 9100XX- Shades 5, 8-13, Model 06-0100-30SW
  • Auto darkening filter (ADF) transitions from light to dark shade in approximately .1 milliseconds after welding arc is detected
  • Helmet helps provide protection from ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) radiation
  • Optical quality gives worker a precise view of the work area
  • Ergonomically designed head suspension offers wearing comfort
  • Side windows with dark shade 5 filters increase peripheral field of view

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Features of 3M Speedglas Welding helmet

Automatic Filter

The best technology from 3M is their filter are constructed of a purple colored UV IR filter on the outside followed by a series of liquid crystal cells and polarizers that are laminated together to either pass or block light according to the welding conditions. The outside purple UV IR filter is a specially coated glass that blocks harmful UV and IR light radiation at all times with or without power.

3M Speedglas welding helmet has an automatic darkening filter that allows the users to switch from dark to light shade as soon as the welding arc detected by the 3 arc sensor. It takes only .1 milliseconds after arc detection. The filter robotically switches to a lighter shade when the weld is done. It takes about 40 to 250 milliseconds to switch to lighter shade and set up for the next weld. 3, 5, 8-15 are the available filter shades.

Provide Protection3M-speedglass-welding-helmet-1


3M welding helmet 9100 is engineered in such a way that it provides maximum protection from radiations like Infrared radiation (IR) and ultraviolet radiations (UV). This welding helmet has an ability to block the flashes and keep your eyes safe as brightness can also be very harmful for eyes at the same time reduce eye strain and improve the precision of every weld.

Perfect View

Front panel with many options which will help you optimizing the quality of your welding work by giving you the best view

One can enjoy the perfect view as it has side windows shade filter that makes the view clear and perfect. The Viewing area of 9100 Speedglas helmet is about 4.2 inches wide and 2.8 inches high. The finest quality of Speedglas 9100 helmet is that it removes the fog and keeps the glass clean, it vents the exhaled air out, hence provide good respiration.

Allow performing different types of welding

3M Speed glass 9100 welding helmet with automatic darkening filter (ADF) allows sensitive settings for the use with metal inert gas, arc welding and tungsten inert gas.

Adjustable functions with amazing headband

Speedglas headbands are designed to avoid pressure points on human’s heads, this will prevent fatigue after long time welding and increase productivity

For distribution of weight and stability, it has two crown straps that can be adjusted. Speedglas helmet also has two large knobs that allow the users to set the position of the pivot from “prep” to “parking”; it is big enough that one can change it while wearing gloves. It also includes a front headband with pads, snap adjustment for nine types of angles, and swivel mounted smooth system.

Important Tools

The welding helmet of Speedglas has some important tools that add quality to the helmet which includes side window shade 5, exhaust vents, welding filters with 3 different sizes, comfortable headband and optical performance.

Superior comfort

The weight of the 3M welding helmet is about 2.09 pounds that is not so heavy. It is easy to wear a lightweight helmet as it allows the users to work without difficulty. The dimension of this welding helmet is approximately 12 x 11 x 11 inches.

Tackweld mode

This can be considered as an unique feature of 3M Speedglas Technology for tack welding application, this helmet will automatically switch to shade #5 light state to reduce eye fatigue to minimum during long tack welding.

Pros of 3M Speedglas Welding helmet

  • Comfortable: This welding helmet is very comfortable as it provides good support to the head and also reduces pressure. The human head is sensitive and if a constant pressure is applied on it, people quickly feel tired. The Swivel mounted system provide perfect fitting.
  • Best for veterans: 9100 Welding helmet is best for the people who know all the technicalities as they can use it in a perfect manner. Beginners can also get benefit out of it. It is quite an expensive welding helmet for the hobbyist and beginners.
  • Durable: This welding helmet is indeed perdurable. Its durability is also confirmed by the people who have been using it for a long time. If you are running a workshop and looking for a durable welding helmet for your employees then this one is best for you.
  • No Neck Stain: A feature called Automatic darkening filter (ADF) reduces the risk of neck stain as there is no need to toss the helmet up and down while working. It saves your time and allows you to concentrate on your work.
  • Facile to use: All above features clearly signifies that the use of this Speedglas welding helmet is quite easy. Usually people prefer to buy an equipment or product that is user-friendly and provide easy access; this welding helmet is similar to what you want. The 3M Speedglas welding helmet is available in black color.
  • Versatile settings: Customers can switch between Tig, Mig and Stick welding or Plasma cutting and grinding without any problems in just a few seconds.

Cons of 3M Speedglas Welding helmet

  • Size is large: there is always a small minus when this awesome product comes with many features like lens filter, adapt to many kinds of hard hat and made from durable materials.
  • Price: this helmet may be a little bit expensive but many extraordinary technology from 3M company that will improve your welding technique to a total new level.
  • No solar-powered cells equipped but with the 3V lithium batteries included, this helmet’s auto darkening function can be used up to 2.000 hours before replacing new one.
  • Lens can be scratched easily. This is normal since most lens are not scratch resistant, the simple solution is keeping your helmet in soft bag after use.

Customer reviews


Many people who have purchased the 3M Speedglas welding helmet are fully satisfied with its performance and often seen recommending it to others. Besides having tremendous features, it also has some cons that customers mentioned, but minor cons cannot overshadow the pros and features.

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